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This type of frame features a bevelled liner; the very best mount you can find. The bevelled bands have been assembled, wrapped and covered with a liner, adding a sublime depth to your pieces.

You can choose a single, double or even triple mount to create a design that combines traditional and modern framing techniques.




The floater frame is the most commonly used frame in the world of professional photography. As the name implies, it highlights the photograph by suspending it in the frame, making it appear to float.


A piece of art, protective glass, moulding and a support to suspend the glass over the piece. This is another type of frame that is often used by photographers. Combined with anti-reflective glass, this frame subtly showcases your work while also protecting the piece. This type of frame is minimalist and modern.



Differing from the box, this frame places your piece on a background with a margin of your choosing. Your work floats between the background you have selected and the suspended glass. This type of frame takes your work in a new direction. It appears to hover between two materials: the perfect showcase. 


The backlight illuminated frame brings your Duratrans prints to life. These bespoke frames are available in a range of moulding finishes: black, white, oak, and more. You can change the brightness using a remote control. Protective glass, anti-reflective or otherwise, can be added. Price by quote.


The list of frames available is endless. Framing is a custom art, and there are hundreds of possibilities.

It is important to leave room for imagination and creativity when creating the perfect setting for your art. Originality and nuance in the frame can make all the difference for showcasing your works of art.

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