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Transport solutions

A picture frame must be handled delicately. That is why we offer the services and packaging solutions that meet our clients’ needs.


Whether it is picking up your works in Paris, delivering them once framing is complete (free of charge), creating bespoke packaging or shipping the frame with a carrier, we have the right solution for you.

Free pick-up and delivery for professionals located in Paris.


On Monday and Thursday afternoons an Encadrement Flamant driver will pick up your pieces to be framed in Paris and deliver them back to you once the work is complete.


Just contact us to arrange a time slot.

Flip Pack Box



We can produce bespoke packaging to protect your framed works.

With this packaging system we can send your framed pieces with delivery services like TNT, UPS or FedEx.


Transport crates


We create bespoke transport crates for your framed pieces. The crates are made from treated solid wood that complies with the NIMP 15 standard for international shipping.

High-density PE foam for padding and grooves. Top-opening and screw closure.

Pallet blocks, standard markings and carry handles.


The top of the range for transport crates.

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